Guide to Be Fashionista

Nowadays, fashion has become one of the most important thing in the world. How not? Fashion magazines are now scattered in various corners of the world. People always talk about someone’s style of dressing. Don’t you also want to be involved in this kind of mass hysteria? Thing you should do is just be a fashionista.

Being a fashionista is not that difficult. You just must know what will you wear and what will you match with it. And don’t wear something you don’t really sure. Take a risk is can be really wrong choice.

When you found your passion about fashion, you will directly feel how to match clothes and accessories. It’s your nature ability. But sometimes you need a direction about your style and stay up to date. Hire a stylish or read fashion magazines can be your choice.

Another thing you should know is the terms in fashion, something like “Edgy” or “Chic” and etc. You certainly do not want to be the embarrassing fashion victim, do you? Much learn from people who are experts in fashion or much read fashion magazines. Or maybe learning from a blog, such as this?

Newbie fashionista needs a lot to learn about the types of clothes, shoes, or purse. Magazines and blogs will help you to understand, no doubt about it. Don’t waste your money to buy something useless until you understand what are them.

Hey, fashionista out there, don’t stop learning new things in fashion. Because fashion encompasses many things and could be developed in accordance with the creativity. Do not make yourself fall behind in the things you love.

Stay pretty and gorgeous.


Dakota Park ♥